Wind of Change til Polen og Tyskland

Wind of Change til Polen og Tyskland

I dag har vi fått to gledelige nyheter: Wind of Change har kommet med på REC filmfestival i Tyskland som avholdes i Berlin 13.-16. november og HumanDOC filmfestivalen i flere byer Polen 28. november – 1. desember.


Om HumanDOC

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival is the first cultural event in Central Eastern Europe which combines the art of filmmaking with social and international awareness of the filmmakers. The festival presents world class films delivering an in-depth image of the world, social and cultural changes, and the biggest challenges of modernity and global interdependencies.

This year’s is the fourth edition of the HumanDOC Festival is held in cinemas in several Polish cities, and is also available online thanks to the IPLEX.pl movie platform. Each year the Festival gathers around 30 000 viewers and is the most popular documentary film festival on the Internet in the Poland. It reaches very wide and diverse audience, being the very first film festival in Poland presenting films tailored to the needs of blind and deaf.

2013 HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival will start in Warsaw and Wroclaw on 28th of November and it will last until December 1. At the same time we will start an overview of the festival films on IPLEX.pl – the biggest online movie platform. Our films will be shown there for a month for no fee. Additionally, in December HumanDOC screenings will be held in 10 large and medium cities throughout the country.



REC er en filmfestival for unge mennesker som går av stabelen i Berlin 13.-16. november. Wind of Change vises torsdag 14. november kl 21:30. Les mer om RECInternationales Junges Filmfestival her.