About us

Sør i fokus (Focus on the Global South) is an NGO based in Norway that produces film, photo and design with a focus on North/South, environment, human rights and social justice issues. We have made films from Kenya, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Nicaragua. Please find details about some selected projects further down.

If you have any questions, or if you want us to make a film for your organization, please feel free to contact us on julia.dahr@sorifokus.no.

Selected projects

The Superfarmer (2013)

The Norwegian Development Fund and Spire initiated a campaign to celebrate the superheroes of tomorrow, namely the small-scale organic farmers. Sør i fokus made the campaign film and a series of photo portraits of Nicaraguan farmers. Available at www.superbonden.no 

Wind of Change (2012, 40 min)

The award winning documentary Wind of Change (2012, 40 min, Dir: Julia Dahr) brings us into the life of Kisilu Musya – a strong and caring Kenyan farmer and family man – with big dreams and visions for the family and their future. The film follows the family during the rainy season in Kenya, which unfortunately has been marked by less rain than usual the recent years. Through beautiful images and Kisilus own video diary, we are brought up close to him and his family in their efforts to overcome the challenges that arise.

«It is the greatest injustice of our time and age that those who did nothing to cause climate change are first and hardest hit, whilst we who have been worst are hit last and least. In Wind of Change we see the frontlines in the battle against climate change. Julia Dahr lets us witness from close up how a poor and vulnerable Kenyan family of famers are struggling with droughts and floods. For them climate change is already a battle of life or death. Wind of Change should be a wakeup call for all.»
- Jan Egeland, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs (2003-06), co-chair of the UN High Level Panel for Global Climate Services (2009-10).

Wind of Change
is made by combining forces in Sør i fokus with support by the Norwegian NGO Spire.

For more information, please head on to Wind of Change’s website: windofchange.sorifokus.no.


«Globalaksjonen» (2012, 8,5 min)

Information film made for the YWCA-YMCA of Norway for their annual fundraising campaign targeting youth in Norway.

A teaser (02:38) is also available. 


We are very satisfied with both the process around making of the film as well as the final result. The team opened up for comments, suggestions and paid attention to our needs. At the same time, we got feed-back and guidance as the team held their knowledge and professionalism high. We give Sør i fokus our warmest recommendations.

– KFUK-KFUM Global on our collaboration in making an information film for their 2012-2013 fundraising campaign Globalaksjonen. Read more about this project below.